NLP Definitions: Reframing

Reframing is the process by which you shift a person’s perspective of a word or phrase through the use of redefining the content, or shifting the context of the situation, thereby changing the meaning of the original word or phrase.

Reframing is a means to help adjust a belief through introduction of a new perspective. When a seemingly bad situation takes place (e.g. a fire breaks out at one’s manufacturing plant), it is possible to view this in such a way where this event can be deemed as positive or even helpful.

To do so, one must apply context thinking and meaning shifts. A context reframe is applied to a different context. A fire breaking out in a manufacturing plant is devastating. But if no lives were lost, that context could be deemed more valuable than the loss of materials.

Meaning shifts are typically applied to the meaning or semantics of words. So while a context reframe also shifts meaning, a meaning reframe attempts to work on the meaning of the word itself. A fire breaking out may mean losses. But it may also mean a renewed determination to strive for better safety and productivity.

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