Learning NLP: The Issues With Learning About States and Anchoring

I’ve come to realize that many new attendees of NLP practitioner courses tend to be less self-aware and therefore will find that calibration is far less easy when attempting to do anchoring.

In some of my latest NLP lessons, I’ve also noted that it was harder to get certain people to immerse themselves in the depth of emotions. This was particularly the case for those who hold a guarded attitude toward NLP, or have a high logic preference for NLP.

The issue with anchoring is that without self-calibration, it becomes self-defeating to even try to apply anchoring. As a practitioner, you have to learn to grasp your own self-calibration by noticing how easily you can access the emotions on demand.

First, always make sure you are open to learning. Sometimes, just because things don’t work the way you are applying it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work period. Find out what made that difference. You will always find what you wish to look for.

Second, learn to get yourself into learning to amplify and lessen different states and experience emotional shifts. Applying perceptual positions can support your awareness.

Finally, learn to anchor yourself. Some interesting applications would include self stacking anchors, as a basic measure of your resourcefulness.

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