Learn NLP: How To Focus

I received quite a number of requests to help with focus and concentration using NLP. So, I decided to do a general MP3 recording to show you some complexities, then write out a format to help.

As we know, focus is about getting into the appropriate emotional state. If you can’t do it right away, it’s likely that there are other factors at play, but I believe it’s also about having the resilience and determination to let your brain and mental muscle grow over time. So, be patient and do it.

Focus Using Trigger Method

Step #1 – Identify your environment. Make a list of items that you will see around you.

Step #2 – Think of an emotional state that will make you/force you to focus. It may be a frustration, a belittling statement, maybe even excitement of having achieved it. Feel it as intensely as you can (amplify it if you can)

Step #3 – Build this emotional state to its peak by making it bigger, brighter and louder, then open your eyes and look at the environment around you.

Step #4 – clear your mind

Step #5 – repeat Step #2 – #3.

What you are doing is using your environment as a trigger to engage the states that help you to focus.

Test it out!

Warning: do not do this in a place where you need to rest or relax!

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