NLP Techniques: Pain relief

Why am I not surprised that more and more people are feeling pain?

Pain the neck. Pain in the back. Pain in the shoulders. Pain in the wrist. Pain in the knee.

Is it possible for NLP to help one to relieve pain? Well, since there are pain receptors in our brain, and we can manage our brain, it is definitely possible for you to reduce and possibly eliminate pain in your body. One approach you can use is to observe yourself and to test out what it feels like to remove feeling in general. It is possible for you to basically focus and begin to feel that your arm is getting warm or even numb.

In this case, making your arm feel numbness is part of the control mechanism that can make you have the analgesic experience. In the case where you are experiencing muscular pains and aches, it would be also appropriate for you to start exploring your body. Being aware of how your body is positioned, the amount of tension that you experience in your body is important in learning to let go.

For example, I’m even mindful of the sensations in my arm as I type this entire post. It’s uncanny, but I’m also more aware of what will eventually lead up to pain if I keep holdling my body in this position.

Another thing you should do is to learn how to communicate with your “parts”. Here, I mean the psychological parts that you have that form the pain. If your shoulder is experiencing pain, it’s a sure sign that you need to begin to communicate with your pain and start to attend to it by thinking about sensations of softening and relaxation. Become more aware of your muscular tensions and learn how to relax them at will. Often, this takes some getting used to. But by training your body to observe differences between tension and relaxation, you will definitely help yourself reduce the sensations of pain in your body.

In my NLP trainings, one of the things I teach is stress and tension relief. It begins with understanding the body, what causes stress, pain and disease. Then we use some NLP applications to increase our sensations of health in our body. Don’t be surprised when I say that it’s important to recognize every single cell in your body!

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