Learn NLP Techniques: Utilizing The Swish Pattern

I recently reviewed several practitioners’ use of the Swish Pattern and realized that many have gotten their concepts wrong.

Problem Illustration #1: I want to quit smoking… how do I use the Swish Pattern?¬†

In this case, it is possible to do one of the following.

(1) Make a list of all the Trigger Images that link to smoking and handle them one by one, Swishing to alternative behaviors. This is sometimes viewed as too tedious by most practitioners to do, but I would recommend it highly because it creates fairly stable new behaviors if done properly.

(2) Leverage off Values in order to collapse the need for smoking. This is the sensational one where people watch videos of people crying and being emotional. Be careful – this can work, but often needs some clinical judgment. Don’t just do it because you see a sensational approach on YouTube, then blast your way to do the same thing. People are different, and techniques don’t work exactly the same way all the time for the different people.


Problem Illustration #2: I hate my job, and I want to use the Swish Pattern to be happy with my work. Why doesn’t it work?

Erm… maybe because you already dislike your work. The trouble here is that the Swish pattern is for creating a new habit through a new state. The problem is not at the level of your habits, if you hate your work. The problem is your beliefs. In this case, you may need to do one of a few things. (1) Swish the belief instead of the habit. In other words, build an amplified belief that what you do it worthwhile, or that what you do is meaningful. To do this, you need to understand how to utilize mapping across techniques to shift your old belief into an absolute belief. If I get a chance to demonstrate this on video, I will (soon). (2) Use a Logical Level Alignment process to find congruence in what you presently are doing.

I hope this will continue to help more practitioners find their grounding. Please note that it is important to understand the key principles of NLP so that you can become a better practitioner, not just to learn something in an exam format only. If you are an NLP Practitioner who has found that your technique don’t seem to work, I can explain why. It’s likely you are applying it incorrectly, and may need input as to how to improve your abilities.

Contact me if you have issues. If you are NOT certified by the Society Of NLP, you SHOULD BE! Contact me for a conversion program so you can learn NLP techniques in a clear practice environment.