NLP Modeling: The Structure Of Responsibility

8th Ave .....Midtown ManhattanCreative Commons License photo credit: 708718

I was in a taxicab earlier this week and had the opportunity to listen to my government talk about interesting training incentives for literally everyone. Of course I was happy! It seemed to me that this was exactly what I needed to hear, especially since I’m in the business of training.

The cab driver wasn’t so hot on the news. He said “it’s useless”. What he wanted was a handout – extra cash. All the training, he said, was a waste of time.


I can tell why HE’s the one driving the cab now!

If you can imagine for one second that the entire country was like this? That everyone was looking only for handouts rather than to build something of their own. It’s all a question of taking responsibility for one’s current situation.

To take responsibility, it’s necessary to observe the current “ownership” level you have now. Remember – I’m not saying “it’s your fault”. I’m saying take ownership so that you don’t have to point fingers.

Step 1: Think of something in your life that isn’t going right. Disassociate.

Step 2: Ask yourself what you needed in order for that to go right. Remember to take this from the standpoint of ownership rather than blame. If you had to do it all over, what skills and resources would you need?

Step 3: Imagine a future scenario where you were in a similar situation but with the appropriate skills and resources. Would your reflection in Step 2 be sufficient, or do you need more resources? Go back to step 2.

Step 4: Create a list of steps you need to do in order to ensure you come up to speed. It may be taking action on a skill you must build, or a commitment you must act upon, etc.

Step 5: See yourself doing it, then start doing it!

Test this and let me know what you think.