Are You Worthy Of An NLP Certification?

There’s plenty of ads going on and offline telling people that the secret to success is about NLP. Unfortunately, this marketing angle prevents the public from really understanding what NLP means, what it can do, and how it can help people achieve results. It’s not about success alone, even though it’s often touted as the Science of success.

More importantly, people who take up NLP certifications often do not have the ability to continue using the tools or skills necessary, not by any fault of theirs, but often because the expectations of NLP fell short in their mind. NLP is a modeling tool (and hence, requires lots of work).

In addition, many people in NLP who are ‘certified’ do not have the necessary pre-requisites as therapists but claim to have the ability to do so. Unfortunately, this means trouble for those who use NLP ‘therapy’ methods simply because they are very limited in their overall (and therefore updated) knowledge of NLP itself.

I’d encourage anyone who wants to learn NLP to have a continuous learning pathway to developing their skills in NLP. It’s not just a singular field or discipline you should learn from, but rather an interdisciplinary field. Anyone who has wants to learn NLP should realize that it is a catalyst for those fields of study and not just a course of study itself. Also, it takes a tremendous amount of discipline to be able and willing to develop one’s own models through the modeling process. Mastering the process of modeling is, of course, an endeavor in itself and requires the creativity and enthusiasm of a knowledge worker, obsessed with learning new ways to representing knowledge.

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NLP Reputation: NLP Misunderstood Again

I listened with slight unhappiness when a speaker recently addressed a group of over 200 entrepreneurs, sliming NLP by calling it a ‘sales tactic tantamount to trickery’.

Well, after analyzing what he had done, I was positive that he had used a number of NLP researched approaches to arrive at his marketing message.

So, for the last time, read this post and start getting facts right, everyone. The last person to talk about NLP is a person who doesn’t know NLP, so please don’t make me laugh when I hear your definition of NLP…  🙂