NLP Glossary – Evidence Procedures

In many aspects of modeling, evidence is required to show competence. An evidence procedure will show ‘evidence’ that something has been transferred or achieved.

For example, if you want to make a million dollars, it will be evident that you are moving toward it when you see visual evidence of a credible source, such as a bank statement. This is a visual method of providing evidence.

Competence also requires evidence procedures. If you want to be recognized as a trainer for example, there are certain things that will convince people that you are a trainer. They will see, hear and feel it. Unfortunately it also means that if they don’t see it, even if you possess those qualities but don’t display it, you will not be deemed as competent. In order to be perceived as competent, you will need to figure it out by putting yourself into the appropriate positions to gauge if that evidence is sufficient. In other words, it may require a certain amount time (consistency) to assess an individual’s level of competence.